Michael Grochowski Article

Michael Grochowski understands the value of property as an investment.

If you are looking to buy for the first time there are a few things to think about. Many people talk about the real estate bubble that is potentially about to burst. However, some other people feel that Australia is not in a bubble and that property is likely to continue to rise.

To be successful in life and business like Michael Grochowski it is important that you make sound decisions with reason and intelligence. This is not an issue of real estate, but an actual state of mind when it comes to getting what you want. Michael Grochowski has made intelligent investments at the right time and created opportunity.

If it is the right time for you, then it is the right time. If you are biting off more than you can chew it is essential to realise this and have a contingency plan.


Michael Grochowski

Michael Grochowski is a residential building and construction industry specialist.  Working as both a consultant and adviser to client companies and as a director of a number of companies in the property industry, Grochowski provides professional management services across the full spectrum of residential property development.

Grochowski’s professional skills and expertise cover all areas of property development, management and marketing. Specifically these include town planning, with a focus on yield analysis and feasibility studies; property development management services, covering project planning and scheduling; financial modelling for development services, including sensitivity analysis, cost estimates, and quantity surveying; project marketing and sales, including sales team management.

The sectors in which Grochowski provides property management and marketing services are primarily low-rise, residential developmentsand master planned estates in green-field precincts across the booming growth corridors of Melbourne’s urban fringe and in major Victorian regional cities.

As a project manager, Grochowski’s responsibilities include the co-ordination of a wide variety of service providers ranging from local councils, state government bodies, private and public service providers, commercial interests, as well as managing the construction activity through builders and contractors.

In his role as director of companies engaged in residential project management, Grochowski has responsibility for identifying commercially viable development estates, selecting specific sites for acquisition, town planning applications, managing the architectural design phase, compilation of marketing and due diligence material, sourcing finance and managing the sales process.

Over the past decade, Michael Grochowski has been directly involved as a project development manager in residential properties with an estimated end value of approximately $690 million.

Michael Grochowski’s formal qualifications include Associate Diploma Applied Science Building and Construction (RMIT University) and Bachelor of Construction Management (RMIT University). Grochowski is a Registered Building Practitioner; Class: Domestic Builder Unlimited, Licence No. DB U17290.